Multi-item Boxes

Let us bundle a selection of our products into one of four multi-item boxes, with a variety of cuts and quantities to meet the unique needs of your household. Purchasing this way allows us to offer you the best value (typically a 10% savings), and accomplish our goal of selling a range of cuts from the whole animal, which is the most efficient and respectful way to run our business. Choose the box that's right for you. We change the contents every month so you can reorder with the touch of a button, switch boxes, or skip a month--you're in charge. Happy shopper, happy eaters.

Basic Grassfed Beef Box

Premium Steaks and Our 100% Grassfed Ground Beef

Basic Multi-Species Box

A Variety Box with Pastured Chicken, Premium Steaks and a Rotating Selection of Pastured Pork Cuts

Large Grassfed Beef Box

A Combination of Premium Steaks and Grilling or Braising Cuts

Large Multi-Species Box

A Box for Larger Households with Pastured Whole Chickens, Heritage Pork Cuts, Premium Steaks and Our 100% Grassfed Ground Beef